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Minor building faults can snowball into major disasters, so find and solve issues before that can happen with our professional snagging service.
Whether you’re a builder looking for a checkup before handing a build over to a client, or a buyer seeking confirmation that your new purchase is up to standards, we have the experience to get the job done thoroughly and efficiently.
Don't take the risk of putting it off. Take action today to safeguard a lasting level of build quality.


Building standards are necessarily strict, and missing or overlooking faults leads builders to failed inspections, costly charges, and damaged reputations.
When you bring us in,
we’ll carry out a mock inspection and produce a written report detailing everything that needs to be fixed.
Armed with that information, you can take the necessary steps to make sure that everything is ready before you have a building inspected for certification.


Without proper oversight, any construction project can fail. Risks compound, budgets inflate, standards dip, and deadlines are missed. That’s why you need someone to assume responsibility for the overall execution of the project, steering it all the way from initiation to successful closure. We can provide such a manager, in whatever situation you need and for however long you need them, with an unbiased perspective that will ensure smooth builder/client interactions.

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What Our Clients Say

Filling our need for strong site management seemed like an extremely difficult task, but when we began discussing the project with Tofan Management Services, we quickly realised we'd found the team for the job. They were competent, efficient, and highly professional, and we'd work with them again in an instant.

Elaine Davison

Property Developer

I needed a site inspection carried out to meet a tight deadline, and I wasn't sure if I'd find someone who could get it done without cutting corners. Tofan Management Services were referred to me, and I was extremely impressed with the inspection they carried out. Both detailed and delivered promptly, it exceeded my expectations and made my life much easier.

Gabriel Milford

House Builder

I was about to finalise a house purchase when I decided it would be a good idea to have it checked, and I'm very glad I did! Tofan arranged a convenient inspection and rapidly identified various faults I had no idea about, and I was then able to have the seller get them fixed before I took ownership, saving me a lot of time and hassle in the long run.

Phillis Evelyn

Home Buyer

Daniel is a reliable and trustworthy site manager with good programming skills and comprehensive knowledge, particularly in housing. Always conscientious and highly motivated, he dealt with pressure expertly, showed real leadership, and was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Samuel Ryan


Daniel is a highly organized and professional manager. He leads very well and is extremely calm under pressure.

Ian Butt

Construction Professional