Site Inspections

Peace of Mind

People often make the mistake of assuming that property is solid and will stand the test of time, and it frequently costs them dearly. Having property thoroughly inspected is always valuable, no matter how strong you believe it to be, because faults develop, standards evolve, and not all reports are written by those with the necessary qualifications. You can always trust Tofan Management Services to tell you exactly how property rates, whether it’s solid as a rock or riddled with faults, allowing you to get rid of the uncertainty and focus on other things.

  • NHBC-Building control
  • Finishing Qualituy

NHBC is the leading independent UK provider of building standards, warranties and insurance policies, and there are huge advantages to meeting their standards: You can sell for more, get cheaper insurance, and reassure potential buyers that the construction is exemplary.

We can review your property in accordance with NHBC standards, determining where it stands, and schedule examinations by official NHBC inspectors to ensure that their quality control process goes smoothly and efficiently so you can get approval as soon as possible.

When a construction project is drawing to a close, it can be easy to feel that you can relax, but it’s important to remain vigilant until absolutely everything has been checked, double-checked, and fully signed off.

With a rigorous process and eye for detail, we can scour the property for even the tiniest issues first. That way, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that, when your project reaches completion, it will genuinely be complete and free of lingering problems.

If you’ve reached the point of buying a new build, or you’re about to, it can be very dangerous to assume that the builders did their due diligence down to the finest detail. This is particularly the case if the builders are new, unfamiliar, or actually known to produce mediocre work.

Before the point of handover, we can confirm whether the property is what you’ve been led to believe it is, arming you with the knowledge you need to either proceed as planned or halt the process in light of some damaging revelations.

Past Projects

We're comfortable talking about the exceptional standards of quality we achieve for all our services. Why? Because we have a long project history to demonstrate our work. Take a look at the gallery below for some examples of how and where we can ply our trade.