Professional Snagging

Attention to Detail

Most newly-built properties have various flaws ranging from major to minor, and missing even one issue can lead to big problems down the line. Our professional snaggers can review the property you need checking and produce a list of all the issues so you can get them fixed before they can cause any damage.

  • New Houses
  • New Apartments
  • Rented Properties

Houses are enormous financial commitments and carry huge risks, so maintaining standards is essential, and handing over blemished building work can ruin a builder’s hard-earned reputation.

Before you complete a build, bring in one of our experts for a comprehensive review. They’ll efficiently provide a convenient and detailed list of all the issues they find.

Knowing all the issues, you’ll be in a position to fix them, and ensure that the property will stand up to scrutiny from certification inspectors and clients alike.

Keeping in line with standards is particularly vital when the building work has a knock-on effect on other properties nearby or encompassing it.

Avoid the risk of conflict with building and land owners by bringing in Tofan Management Services to identify any defects in the construction.

You can then sort them out, and confidently proceed with a robust build that will only strengthen your business relations with the parties involved.

Relations between renters and landlords are rarely easy, and small construction issues left unchecked can lead to great tension and bad blood.

No matter what side you’re on, our independent experts can give you an unbiased property review that will make it easier to move forward with everyone on the same page.

Armed with a thorough snag list, both parties can accept their legal obligations and arrange any work that needs to be done.

Past Projects

We're comfortable talking about the exceptional standards of quality we achieve for all our services.
Why? Because we have a long project history to demonstrate our work.
Take a look at the gallery below for some examples of how and where we can ply our trade.